Following the accession of the Slovak Republic to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and based on nomination of Minister of Health SR, the National Health Information Centre (NCZI) became a national correspondent for OECD in field of healthcare since 2001. NCZI contributes annually to upload and update OECD databases according to methods established in advance with regard to quality, content and range of indicators. At assembling of health related data, NCZI co-operates with next organisations who are sources of requested statistical data.
OECD Health Statistics database is an interactive software system offering statistical data topically sorted by key indicators of healthcare collected from 35 member states of OECD, and represents a complex source of information for international comparison of healthcare and health systems of particular countries. The database is updated once a year at minimum.
Data concentrated for OECD Health Statistics are at the same time a data source for the publication Health at a Glance released by OECD two-yearly.
To measure and compare quality of health care provision in individual member states is the aim of collection and processing of health care quality indicators. The developed cluster of quality indicators facilitates to follow the influence and impact of individual factors of health policy on the quality of health care.
NCZI in co-operation with the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic contributes with statistical data a methods to the common collection by means of Joint Data Collection on Non-Monetary Health Care Statistics questionnaire. The questionnaire represents mutuality of OECD, EUROSTAT and WHO/EUROPE aiming to harmonise indicators in field of non-monetary statistics, and to gain internationally comparable data on key aspects of health care systems in the monitored member states of OECD, EUROSTAT and WHO/EUROPE.
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