National Health Information Centre is responsible for realization of healthcare informatics – eHealth in the Slovak Republic.
eHealth, or electronic healthcare is a complex system to support healthcare provision through Information and communication technologies (ICT). It will be realized in the form of services, products and tools, that will within 1st phase of the eHealth Implementation Programme (PIeH) enable the following: central provision of public health relevant information, electronic booking mainly of laboratory treatment and vaccination, electronic prescription and medication processes and provision of patient’s health information (in the form of electronic health record).
Project of electronic healthcare (eSO1) is a national project co-financed from the EU by the European regional development fund (ERDF) through Operation programme information society (OPIS). It is a part of the eHealth implementation programme. Based on the eSO1 feasibility study, after having it fully operational, the programme will bring savings in total amount of up to 100 million Euro a year. These savings will be reused in the system of healthcare provision.
First eHealth applications were employed in 2015.
As there is a huge amount of information about eHealth, we prepared separate web page