National Health Information Centre (NCZI) in Bratislava co-operates with European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) in field of drugs and drug addiction by means of National Monitoring Centre for Drugs at Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, namely by collection and processing of data for Treatment Demand Indicator, TDI.

EMCDDA was established by Council Regulation (EEC) No. 302/93 dated 08.02.1993 and launched its activity by the end of 1995. EMCDDA belongs among specialised agencies of European Commission with the site in Lisbon. Their main source of complex information on drugs and drug addiction in Europe, as well as on measures taken in connection with solution of this problem. Main goal of the Centre is to provide objective, reliable and comparable information on European level, concerning drugs, drug addiction and their consequences.

A National Monitoring Centre for Drugs (later NMCD) at Ministry of Health SR is a the national representation of this specialised agency in Slovak Republic, which is monitoring the situation in field of abusing psychotropic substances on national level with aim to secure regular information exchange on drugs according to requirements of EMCDDA. NMCD under authority of government acts as a representative of the Slovak Republic, and carries out the role of national contact point in REITOX network (European information network on drugs and drug addictions).

NCZI is organising collection and processing data for the key indicator EMCDDA – Treatment Demand Indicator by means of the template Report on treated drug user ZS (MZ SR) 4-12, where the method is harmonised with EMCDDA method to have our data comparable with data of other EU member states.

The report offers following information: type of substance, route of administration, frequency of use, risk factors of use, age, gender, socio-economic activity of users, territory of residence and information related with the treatment facility – number of users treated in out-patient and institutional healthcare, sector of the healthcare provider's founder.

Detailed statistical outputs on Drug addiction treatment in SR are available in publication Drug Addiction – Drug user treatment in the Slovak Republic.

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Source: Report on treated drug user ZS (MZ SR) 4-12 for 2017, National Health Information Centre


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