In 1996 a unit for cooperation with WHO was created in Institute for Health Information and Statistics (predecessor of NCZI) to carry out tasks and requirements in field of health statistics. Right at the b ewe joined a common project of WHO and EU „Copernicus Care Support“, which was focused on creation of internationally comparable health indicators with a particular emphasis on area of health services.
Later with other countries of Central and East European countries we engaged in a project „WHO Euphin-East“, which was tied to results of Copernicus Care Support project. Its aim was an interconnection of information systems of participating countries, creation of health data database, and increasing of their international comparability. It resulted in creation of standard set of generally available statistical data from individual countries and establishment of a common WHO database named HFA – European Health for All Database.
Every year NCZI contributes with a set of data from own and external sources, and these are together with results of joint data collection of OECD/EUROSTAT/WHO-EUROPE made public generally with a two years delay versus actual fiscal year.
Prehliadač Health for All explorer is public and involves indicators of HFA database, European Mortality Database, and European database on human and technical resources for health. It makes available around 1 500 indicators – demographic, socio-economic, from area of healthcare utilization and expenditure, from monitoring resources of healthcare, maternal and child health, risk factors of health and life style, indicators of morbidity, disability, and hospitalisation statistics. Most robust part is 832 indicators on death number, crude and standardised death rate by diagnosis, age and gender. It assembles data from 53 member countries of European region WHO, and offers various charts and graphical presentations. Databases are being updated at least once a year.
Country Profiles on WHO website offer next interesting comparison of European countries including Slovakia, such as indicators monitored in frame of goals specified in Health 2020 agenda, indicators of children care, and other.