Statistical outputs

Presented statistical outputs of National Health Information Center are based on the results of collecting and processing of reports of events characterizing the health status of the population, reports of the national health registries, reports of the national health administrative registries, annual, quarterly and monthly statistical surveys. Statistical outputs are published in the form of publication spreadsheet outputs, publications and datasets in the structure of topical areas of the health statistics.
Publication spreadsheet outputs comprise sets of aggregated, and thematically related data arranged in the form of defined spreadsheets. In addition to the presentation of data for the last processed year, they are focused on the presentation of key indicators in time series.
The content is accompanied by a graphical presentation, methodological explanations needed for the correct interpretation of the data or a text comments. Publication spreadsheet outputs are processed in XLSX and ODS format which allows work with the data.
Datasets are aggregated sets of structured data that allow you to create your own spreadsheets, selections and data sorting. They are processed in XLSX and ODS format. The data are described by metadata, the description of the data structure and other supplementary information facilitating the correct interpretation of the data.