OECD Health Statistics

OECD Health Statistics database is an interactive software system offering statistical data topically sorted by key indicators of healthcare collected from 35 member states of OECD, and represents a complex source of information for international comparison of healthcare and health systems of particular countries. The database is updated once a year at minimum.
Working with the database facilitates:
  • To search indicators in frame of topics and datasets,
  • To create tables and customise them by selecting variables and shifting measures,
  • To export and download of data selections in xlsx a csv file formats,
  • To display detailed metadata on methodology and sources.

Indicators are sorted by topics into main aggregates of data/datasets:
  • Health Status - presents statistics on morbidity and mortality with indicators such as life expectancy, causes of mortality, maternal and infant mortality, potential years of life lost, perceived health status, communicable diseases, cancer, injuries in road traffic accidents, absence from work due to illness.
  • Non-Medical Determinants of Health - contains indicators of alcohol and tobacco consumption, food consumption, incidence of overweight and obesity in population.
  • Health Care Resources – contains data subsets on employment in health care by selected professions, on hospital employment, graduates, on remuneration of health professionals, on health facilities, on hospital beds, on medical technologies.
  • Health Care Utilisation – compares level of health care provision from aspect of consultations, vaccination, screening, hospital discharges, average length of stay, diagnostic exams, and surgical procedures.
  • Pharmaceutical market – focuses on consumption and sales, in total and split by ATC classes including generics.
  • Long-Term Care Resources and Utilisation – contains data on workers, beds in nursing and residential care facilities, and long-term care recipients in institutions and at home.

A list of information on definitions, data sources and methods for each indicator is a part of published statistical data, necessary for the right interpretation of data. Information is available online in frame of Health Statistics database, or in the documentation file named „Definitions, sources and methods“ published on the site of OECD. It contains information on data source, coverage, deviation from common definition, explanation of data discontinuity in the time row, and other important methodologic information, for each indicator, and for every country.
Further information about Slovakia in frame of OECD activity are made public also at www.oecd.org/slovakia.