Health Care Quality Indicators (HCQI)

To measure and compare quality of health care provision in individual member states is the aim of collection and processing of health care quality indicators. The developed cluster of quality indicators facilitates to follow the influence and impact of individual factors of health policy on the quality of health care. Data is made public in frame of the OECD Health Statistics database in dataset Health Care Quality Indicators.
National Health Information Centre (NHIC) actively joined the OECD project Health Care Quality Indicators – HCQI, and offers selected data to the parts:
Primary care - includes indicators such as hospitalisations with diagnoses asthma, chronic diseases of respiratory system, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus.
Acute care - includes deaths in the same hospital within 30 days after admission on selected diagnoses of circulatory diseases such as vascular brain diseases, ischemic heart diseases, and hypertension diseases.
Mental Health Care – data on in-patient death from suicide among patients at the hospital with a mental disorder.